Service design

Consultancy service to build a shared vision and approach to Creative Engagement
across the local system that brings about improved outcomes and financial efficiency

Through use of workshops we incorporate:
  • Creative Engagement™ techniques

  • Our experience of designing collaborative group events in complex environments

  • Knowledge of the sector at a system level – bringing both commissioning and providing perspectives

We can work across agencies who may be involved with an individual or group of people using services or who are making the transition from one service setting (eg acute ward) to another. We bring experience of working across a range of commissioners and providers:

  • Local CCGs
  • NHS Trusts
  • NHS England
  • Local Government
  • Private providers of care services
  • Individual / Private clients

Our work to date shows how the activities we deliver improve outcomes for individuals as well as impacting to increase value and efficiency in the health system.This chart summarises what we do. The activities with individuals and staff, supported by development of the insititutional culture create:
  • Enhanced personal experience and quality of interactions between people – residents with residents, residents with staff and staff with staff…
  • Impacting positively on personal outcomes for residents and improving staff engagement and commitment…
  • Impacting on a range of measures (Key Performance Indicators – KPIs) demonstrating economic benefits of the Lomakatsi interventions in the health/social care system