Lomakatsi Pilot Creative Improvement Programme successfully completed alongside Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust

Stephen Moss joined Lomakatsi as Director of Service Development
September 7, 2017
Lomakatsi CIP in Hertfordshire, the staff and the carers
September 7, 2017

The end of July marked the successful completion of the 6-month Lomakatsi Pilot Creative Improvement Programme (CIP) alongside NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCG.

Upon completion of the programme, a clinical effectiveness evaluation was carried out showing that the clients have shown improvement in communication and sociability, stronger confidence and greater interest in art and music.

‘During the 6 months Lomakatsi brought a wide range of activities that they used to explore and develop the skills of patient, it brought confidence out in patients and supported their recovery, with 2 patients it did speed up the recovery process which with just Nursing discharge would have been slower’ – Staff Member

The evaluation has also shown a positive change in the numbers of PRN administration and the frequency of seclusion.

‘I think all the activities that they brought explored different development needs with each patient. Music was a highlight at it produced confidence and communication.’ – Staff Member

‘Reading music the words bring me comfort and joy and love and nature & cam.  Art gives me the comfort and joy and love of nature and calm.  Movement gives me touch to nature’ – Service User

Following the end of the programme, we are currently completing a series of in-depth case studies following the users` journey while being part of Lomakatsi CIP.