Lomakatsi CIP in transitional and community setting alongside Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust

Lomakatsi CIP in Hertfordshire, the staff and the carers
September 7, 2017

Following the successful completion of the 6-month Lomakatsi CIP pilot at  Hertfordshire in the end of July, Lomakatsi now has two follow-up types of services: transitional and in the community setting.

Currently, our facilitators work on a one-to-one basis with patients from Dove Ward after their discharge. The aim of the Transitional service is to make the shift from ward environment to the community setting easier and more gradual.

Since the beginning of August, Lomakatsi is also working in community setting environment at two care homes at Hertfordshire. This community-based project has a duration of 4 months and as well as creative rehabilitation for the care home residents, Lomakatsi will provide workshops and session for the staff.

Evaluation of effectiveness will be carried out upon completion.