Lomakatsi CIP in Hertfordshire, the staff and the carers

Lomakatsi Pilot Creative Improvement Programme successfully completed alongside Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust
September 7, 2017
Lomakatsi CIP in transitional and community setting alongside Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust
September 7, 2017

The Lomakatsi CIP pilot alongside NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCG was designed to support not only the participants but also ward staff, family members and other carers to develop skills in preparation for clients to successfully transition back into a community setting.

During an evaluation, the ward staff has stated that they have found new ways of interacting with the patients and have discovered new things about them and their interests. All members of staff have agreed that they have had more fun with the patients since the start of the Lomakatsi CIP sessions.

‘Patients improved in communication with nurses as their confidence grew.  Patients became more sociable and spent less time in isolation’. – Ward Staff

‘Patients have been given the opportunity to develop skills that cannot be explored in an inpatient setting, patients feeling happy during their session.’ – Ward Staff

When asked the majority of family members strongly agreed they had discovered new things about their loved one, had fun with them, learned new ways to interact with them and become more interested in music, art and creativity.

Some families have reported dramatic behavioural changes in their loved ones following the completion of the Lomakatsi CIP pilot.

‘’We have seen such a change in X over the past few months as X has participated in your programme – X is a different person now…there is … the huge change in X`s self-esteem and confidence levels and resilience for the better’’. – Family Member

‘’We believe that the project has undoubtedly been life changing for her and has given X a good, solid base to move forward on’’.  – Family Member