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Igor Tojcic

I am an innovator and communicator that combines vision and leadership to affect positive change. I have a proven track record of successful innovation across health & social care and in assisting public bodies and businesses formulate strategies for improving their financial performance. I have founded 8 successful projects in the field of art and health.

I founded Lomakatsi to utilise all my previous experience of successful innovation to positively impact on the well-being of people that we work with and efficiency of their support system.

Stephen Moss

I am a qualified social worker with an MA in Applied Social Studies (Social Work) with 27+ years consultancy experience working across public, private and voluntary sectors. I have managed authority specialist adolescent units and a community mental health resettlement service. As an organisation development specialist I bring a focus on business outcomes, a strong background in applied psychology and experience of working on both strategy and nitty-gritty operations. I have worked extensively in the NHS and Local Government. I am a trustee of two separate charities providing support to young people who are at risk.

For Lomakatsi, I work alongside managers and staff to develop the vision, values and working relationships that support and facilitate the Creative Engagement and Rehabilitation approach. I advise senior leaders on developing services that improve outcomes for people whilst improving the economic efficiency of the service overall. I enjoy working as part of the Lomakatsi team in bringing music and arts into the settings we work in.

Andrew Pickering

I am a professional musician and musical director with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. My credits range from numerous UK theatre tours; studio and band work to pantomimes and cruise ships. Aside from performing, I currently work as a university lecturer in popular music at British and Irish music college (BIMM) in Manchester and London.

Since 2016 I have been involved in several projects with Lomakasti. During each and every project it has been wonderful to see the quality of life transformation for both the clients and staff.

Working as a facilitator in such a talented and diverse team is highly rewarding and a joy to make an impact lives and bring pleasure via the medium of music, movement and art.

Niall O'Riordan

I am an experienced Feldenkrais Method practitioner, who has a busy private practice in central London and travels the world leading workshops on this subject.

As a musician I studied in Ireland and later continued my studies in Switzerland with Sir James Galway. In 2015 I was awarded the Galway Rising star award.

I utilise my training in community music to help clients build new relationships with each other and create a better sense of community as a group. While working with Lomakatsi I have successfully used the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic education to support individuals with variety neurological and physiological challenges. Clients with diagnosis such as cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, eating disorders and anxiety have benefited greatly from their work with our team.

Nina Rosenberger

I am a songwriter and vocal coach. I teach privately vocals and song writing. I am also the assistant director for the London International Gospel Choir. I have made TV and Radio appearances for BBC and BBC2 and have performed in various venues in London such as O2 Shepherds Bush, and the National Gallery using my artist name Anin Rose.

As a part of the Lomakatsi team I record with clients, play piano and guitar and produce the tracks created in sessions.

“Being a part of the Lomakatsi team I can fully express my creativity and also expand my horizons by using music in context of art and movement. “

Mariachiara Tarragin

I a am a singer/songwriter and vocal teacher who have studied Music Therapy in Italy. Together with the amazing Lomakatsi team, I craft, write, produce songs and create music videos with our programme participant.

“Being part of the Lomakatsi team is an incredible journey and it proves to me everyday how much Art and Music can be of support to people with learning disabilities, how they can be a sort of bridge, where different universes meet and become one. "

George Blake

I have studied art in Duncan of Gordanstone College, Dundee. Over the last 15 years, I have had a diverse work experience ranging from being an art restorer at an art gallery in London and tutoring in Russia to serving on a research sailing vessel in Africa and South America.

Working directly with people has been a bold new venture for me. I’ve been humbled by the response from working with people in wards and homes who really enjoy expressing themselves creatively, if the invitation is given. And I cherish the dialogues that are possible around a table while drawing or painting or sculpting together. The activity changes the space and allows something new.

Mauricio Galeano

I am an integrative Positive Psychology Practitioner and an Integrative coach and counselling consultant. I have 15 years solid background in education, health and business in Europe and South America. Using Positive Psychology Coaching and Positive Body Movement to improve well-being, I use innovative approaches including working with music, art and movement to bring about the best in people.

I have joined the Lomakatsi team in 2015 and have since worked on a series of projects helping individuals to reintegrate back into the community using various Positive Psychology practices. If the mind is capable of influencing the body, it is, therefore, possible that embodying positive emotions could influence the mind.

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